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It said it plans to vigor- ously pursue its claims against Cigna. Bloomfield, Connecticut- based Cigna said in response that Anthem willfully breached its obligation to get. A collaboration between an of comic book and movie hero tem could be of real use to cy- Havyn, he said, could be de- The deal, announced in , year-old East Northport boy Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, bersecurity analysts besieged veloped into a cognitive secu- had already been rejected by a and his IBM inventor father piped up: Dad, why cant you by viruses, malware and phish- rity assistant that could auto- federal judge and an appeals has given voice to cybersecu- talk to it with your voice?

An- Watson artificial intelligence and son to tap into Watson tions center at a major corpora- threats and vulnerabilities them Inc. Cigna would have resulted in joined by his son, Evan, as he cloud-based development plat- They need to sift through For instance, an analyst fewer choices for health insur- worked in his basement labo- form, to connect to the voice-re- mountains of data, Spisak might ask: Havyn, whats my. AP ratory.

Its a struggle to keep up security posture? Or What Spisak was seeking to which gained notoriety in threats am I facing? Havyn apply artificial intelligence by defeating two human champi- would search the data and spit tools to the problem of cyber- ons on TVs Jeopardy.

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He was typing to a BlueMix is built in such a in real time. Get business updates and sign up chatbot a computer pro- gram that simulates human conversation in the hope way that even an year-old is able to roll up his sleeves and get in there, said Spisak, Its using cognition what the for the daily business Number of emails newsletter. Its tool that could provide cyber- The duo code-named their that contain malware using analytics and interfaces to newsday.

The same thing hap- expensive at the moment. A self-driving car would be pro- context, we know when to bend the rules and when to break the rules, mings, director of Duke Univer- sitys Humans and Autonomy Lab. Humans routinely exceed it by 10 to says Raj Rajkumar, a computer engi- neering professor at Carnegie Mel- Then there is the problem of ag- gressive humans who make danger- Cleared Treatment That Is Providing Lasting Relief 15 mph just try entering the New lon University who leads the ous moves such as cutting cars off Locally Without Surgery!

Self-driving cars wouldnt dare Although autonomous cars are of oncoming traffic. Knee Pain sufferers are jumping If You Answered Yes To One Or cross a double yellow line; humans likely to carry passengers or cargo in Already there have been isolated for joy. Finally, there is a safe, do it all the time. It has been proven quickly adapt. There Have bone on bone In Los Angeles and other places, on most side streets, boulevards and emergency braking.

Its hard to program in human encouraged to remain active Its Very Important That Stop, where drivers roll through Thats because programmers stupidity or someone who really without interruption to your You Dont Wait stop signs if no traffic is crossing. And its even If left untreated, a bad knee joint In Southwestern Pennsylvania, ior and local traffic idiosyncra- John Hanson, spokesman for Toy- covered by Medicare. Take action now. And teaching a car to use otas autonomous car unit. Best of all the treatments are to keep up with your spouse or painless and take only a few min- friends again.

Call today at to find out if youre a good candidate Thankfully There Is Hope! INVENTORS from A31 veloped a very popular arthritis Due to limited appointments, this knee pain treatment that Long no cost consultation is open to the give a more natural experience that Island residents with knee pain first 17 callers only. For More Info Visit: www. Data Corp. Massachusetts, forecasts that Networking?

Building Maintenance? Business Opportunity? The Armonk-based companys first-. Threat presents opportunity newsday. Pay for your Newsday home delivery The volume of cybercrimes con- Mike Spisak and his son Evan designed their voice-command interface after fronting businesses, government comic book hero Tony Starks talking artificial intelligence assistant.

In the past eight threats, he said. If you have a com- that more than 1 billion user ac- years, more than 7. Marketers can leverage their. I keting and digital services firm. They were in- the U. Postal Services with the recipients name or to engage their audiences up to 20 percent, she says.

Postal Service is en- par app, and when they estimated 4. For mail can create an interactive likely to be the ones using Some of these tactics may example, it could send an auto- experience for consumers. A lot of these are emerg- with a more basic approach: in- mail company in Plainview Still, Evan Bloom, co-owner then use their smartphones or ing, he says. While usage may cluding in their direct mail called Didit DM. Such URLs of Westbury, Hauppauge and tablets to hover over the mail start with the larger firms, pieces personalized URLs, or can be used in multiple ways, Melville franchises of the Sir piece as it appears to come next year hopefully the next web addresses, that lead recipi- for example leading a recipient Speedy printing and marketing alive with an animated image re- tier down uses it.

Without an ents to a personalized landing to an application with pre- company, says he sees most lating to the product or service, incentive to try it, he adds, no- page if they punch the address filled information, he says. Hes also coupled direct mail approach with mailings.

Ulti- marketing expert. Its estimated 1. So the recipi- great call to action, he says. Main St. Library, 55 Vanderbilt Pkwy. It can get expen- tionship expert April Masini. According to a Make that destination wed- Bottom Line, join to learn the basics of action learn- exchange qualified leads, build solid business relation- Bankrate. Consider register, icf-li. Says Melville financial at- villages, 7 p. Memorial Hwy. She was been hired as a tools and kitchen gadgets, are that assesses the value of costly drugs.

Deals being negotiated be- fits are unclear or only tack or stroke while taking its tween drugmakers and the in- marginally better than cheaper, drug. Buyers of those nounced its first deal to do so, Inc. Sanofi associate broker and some Hampton has bates or even full refunds companies, are hesitant to pay has a contract with insurer licensed sales agents. Thats bad patient cholesterol doesnt fall Margaret Moran estate sales agent Its part of an effort driven by for patients and makes insurers as much as expected.

He is a health programs to align the and hospital stays if the drugs we are standing behind the previously was self-employed contractor. Were spending less money drugs by making patients pay Borneman, Sanofis head of Kristy S. See- on drugs that are less effec- more out of pocket or making strategic pricing.

Heejung Shin of mungal of Spring- tive, said Dr. Michael Sher- doctors wade through red tape Great Neck, a new field Gardens, man, chief medical officer for to get authorization for a pa- Demand rising sales agent, com- Queens, has been the not-for-profit insurer Har- tients medicine. Sometimes Some insurers are now de- pleted the licens- hired as an admin- vard Pilgrim, which has sev- patients have to try cheaper manding these deals, which ing course at the istrative assistant eral of these deals and is nego- drugs first, and only when are expected to become stan- New York Real at Racanelli Con- tiating more.

Sherman says they fail and the patients dard for some drugs: super-ex- Estate Institute in struction Co. She one-fourth of every dollar it health has deteriorated are pensive medicines for cancer Manhattan. Pharmaceutical companies to cost insurers millions. In ad- Brooklyn, a new Helping patients, insurers have an incentive here, too: dition, the drugs must have a sales agent, com- BANKING For the patient, it doesnt These deals may help them sell benefit thats easy to measure, pleted the licens- mean a check in the mail if more of the new drug theyve such as keeping kids with ing course at the Joseph D.

Perillo cancer comes back after treat- spent hundreds of millions of asthma out of the emergency Brooklyn School of Hempstead has ment. But it does mean pa- dollars or more developing. And in- of reducing bad cholesterol. He electronic medical records, ceeded expectations in terms Progressive Realty was chief accounting officer and will be reducing wasteful of benefit to our customers, pa- Group in Massape- chief financial officer for iQor spending and making at least tients, said Chris Bradbury, newsday.

Referral Group in Syosset. James, newsday. Top court cases test Trump policies Rulings to shed whether the justices are retreat- ing from long-standing decisions cluding the travel ban. For about a century, the court right to court hearings. In the other case, the court has going to apply to Trump adminis- tration activity, Spiro said.

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The court harder if their father is the U. Steven Vladeck, a University of over the next two months could tions, particularly of those con- at the court offer the justices the Both cases were argued be- Texas law professor. But Supreme possibility of cutting into the def- fore Trump became president An open question in immigra- evaluate Trump administration Court rulings in favor of the im- erence that courts have given the in January, and the Obama ad- tion law concerns how much au- actions on immigration, espe- migrants in the pending cases other branches of government in ministration opposed the de- thority the government has and cially stepped-up deportations.

One is a class-action tainees claims and the citizen- how strong the Constitution is as Some of those cases could be cult to realize, said Christopher lawsuit brought by immigrants ship challenge. For decided as early as today, when Hajec, director of litigation for whove spent long periods in cus- Even if the positions havent Trump, he said a major question the court is meeting to issue the Immigration Reform Litiga- tody, including many who are changed, the context has, is how much discretion the presi- opinions in cases that were ar- tion Institute.

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The group gener- legal U. Its at the heart of a lot gued over the past six months. The court is weigh- The court has got to be con- of what the Trump administra- The outcomes could indicate tions immigration actions, in- ing whether the detainees have a scious of how these rulings are tion wants to do, Vladeck said. PORTLAND, Maine Pick- ing up trash and landscaping public parks might not be glam- orous work, but Derek Cote says it beats begging for change in a traffic median, and hes looking forward to his hometown giv- ing him a chance to do it. As soon as I get an ID, Ill be doing it, Cote, 33, a panhandler in Maines largest city, said, holding a sign that read: Home- less, spare a buck.

Portland is the latest U. The Portland Opportunity Crew was begun this month, employing panhandlers to do landscaping and clean up pub-. Albuquerque, Chicago, New Mexico, and San Jose, California, have tried simi- lar programs with varying de- grees of success. Rogers, a homeless man in Portland, Maine, where a program offers jobs with the goal of reducing the number of panhandlers. But pan- First and foremost, its to get to the homeless about the pro- Portland officials hope to link Portland attempted four handlers are a common sight people job training and employ- gram, and will set up signs at in- hundreds of people with jobs, as years ago to ban loitering and on downtown streets and traf- ment support services so they tersections that its underway.

Albuquerque did last year. The courts fic medians around the city. If card, so they will not need to a veteran who panhandles tutional, and an infringement and immediately signed up four the result of that is less panhan- cash paychecks, though the pro- near the waterfront, not want- of free speech. Downtown people, said Jessica Grondin, a dling, thats all for the better. The pilot The program will cost the city banks, Grondin said. Social services Some in the homeless commu- trash up, he said.

Id rather ing the jobs effort. Doug Ducey will allow tent teacher shortages. It plays cient classroom resources, and were also in the bottom 20 per- A retired teacher, Mike Mc- teachers to be hired who have into a misconception, they say, so many testing requirements cent of states. Clellan, wrote: no formal training, as long as that anyone can teach if they and teaching guidelines that Arizona had previously al- Lets call it the Warm Body they have five years of experi- know a particular subject and they feel they have too little au- lowed noncertified teachers to Law.

One that allows folks ence in fields relevant to the that training in curriculum, class- thentic instructional time. And those ing trend nationwide to allow positive change that would en- student in The U. Any content area. Sails up The crew of Zilzal, a dhow captained by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad bin Rashid al-Maktoum, sails toward the finish line off the coast of Dubai yesterday to win the al-Gaffal traditional long-distance dhow sailing race.

Sailors started at the island of Sir Bu. Suspect Thomas used. His administration over- A group that included white A man was killed and six peo- Hartless, 43, was found dead in came strikes, worker deaths and nationalist Richard Spencer car- ple were wounded in a shooting; OHIO the nursing home in Kirkersville, scandals to get the Oroville dam ried torches and chanted you one man has been arrested and a about 25 miles east of Columbus.

Slain mother mourned Sacramento Bee reports. Robert E. The protest- boro. Police say a suspect surren- Mothers Day weekend, after her Dam failure tied to Pat Brown under heavy rain and snowmelt, ers were swiftly condemned by dered and an arrest warrant was slaying at the nursing home Records reveal the late Gov.

The where she was a nurses aide. Pat Brown misled voters about The state is rushing hundreds of peared to hearken back to the shooting occurred after a fight The Columbus Dispatch reports the cost of building the nations millions of dollars in repairs be- days of the KKK, the newspaper broke out during a private party that Cindy Krantz, 48, nurse Mar- tallest dam, ignored recommen- fore next rainy season. Daily Progress reported.

Israels Channel 2 re- ported yesterday that Adelson, a close confidant of Netanyahu, and his wife will be questioned during their visit to Israel next week. It is alleged that Netanyahu tried to trade better coverage in a major Hebrew newspaper in exchange for reduced circulation of a free daily paper owned by Adelson. MEXICO Bandits set upon journalists About armed men attacked a group of journalists and robbed them of their equipment in the troubled southern state of Guer- rero, authorities and media re-.

The newspa- per La Jornada said two of its em- ployees were among seven journal- ists accosted Saturday while cover- ing a security operation in San Miguel Totolapan. They were trav- eling in two SUVs when they were intercepted and relieved of cam- eras, cellphones, personal effects and one of the vehicles.

The attack- ers roughed up some of the jour- Sumo wrestlers hold up crying babies in front of a referee, center, during a Baby-cry Sumo event yesterday at nalists and threatened to burn them and the SUVs before letting the Kamegaike-Hachiman Shrine in Sagamihara, Japan. Some babies under 2 years old took part in the them leave in the second vehicle, annual contest.

Some believe sumo wrestlers can help make babies cry out a wish to grow up with good health.

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La Jornada reported. Mexico is one of the worlds deadliest coun- tries for journalists, with at least 40 killed since , the Commit-. Merkel wins on rivals turf tee to Protect Journalists said. SYRIA Rebels cede more of Damascus State election Martin Schulz, the Social Democrat seeking to deny Democrats, said the conser- vatives general secretary, Parliament president, was nominated in January as Hundreds of rebels and their families began leaving a northeast- staggers her foe Merkel a fourth term in the Sept.

Peter Tauber, calling it a great day for the party. Merkels challenger. But de- feats in two other state elec- ern neighborhood of Damascus and heading toward rebel-held in Sept. I come from the terdays election, the last be- position activists said. The evacua- gela Merkels conservatives around 31 percent.

They gave state in which we took a really fore the national vote, undercut tions from Qaboun came a day. He said that we will cent. In the states last election tained a presence in the northeast- Septembers national vote. Krafts coalition with the sharpen our profile further in , the Social Democrats ern neighborhood for four years.

The western state of North Greens lost its majority in the we have to as well. Conservative We will continue fighting; National polls show the So- nearby neighborhoods of Barzeh by the center-left Social deputy leader of Merkels 24, Schulz said. With the expected Democrats for all but five party, was set to replace her. The Social Democrats na- Merkels conservatives by up capture of Qaboun, the capital will years since The CDU has won the tional ratings soared after to 10 points after drawing be fully clear of rebels for the first And it is the home state of heartland of the Social Schulz, a former European even earlier this year.

British historian Hugh Thomas Wilburn Ross, recipient of the The Washington Post least at first, when all the par- ties of the Left seemed to be Thomas was best known for a series of books about Medal of Honor Hugh Thomas, a historian cooperating, as the great mo- the Spanish-speaking world, The Washington Post who wrote sweeping ac- ment of hope for an entire including a monumental, counts of rebellion, conquest generation.

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Wilburn and struggle, particularly In the end, the left-leaning published in Ross, an Army machine-gun- about parts of the world groups were defeated by the When Thomas turned to ner who received the Medal of touched by the Spanish em- nationalist forces of Gen. The History of the World Honor for single-handedly pire, and who was an adviser Francisco Franco, who went in , he covered the sub- fighting back eight German to British Prime Minister on to rule Spain as an auto- ject in a mere pages.

He 6 in London. He was 85, and his family ish Civil War, with its back- his ambitious Spanish Em- His death was announced by said he had a stroke. The cause was. Ross then a private Spanish Civil War. Memo- For that reason, his book a year later. His overtly popu- served in the Armys storied 3rd ries were still fresh about the was banned under Francos lar style of writing, filled Infantry Division during World war, which lasted from regime until after his death in with vivid characters and ac- War II and saw combat in Mo- to , and his narrative flair Hugh Thomas was acclaimed The Spanish Civil War lions.

A book the quality of a mod- was the first of more than a Survivors include his wife of year later, his unit had pushed ern-day epic. It was, for the West- tion was, at best, incomplete. Cold War. About a. Edgerton newsday. It looked, at wrote in the National Review. He was an open target for Ger- man marksmen and artillery fire, yet he held steady for five NATION hours, carrying on what was vir- tually a one-man battle. Former big league umpire Steve Pa- Wave after wave of German lermo, whose accomplished career soldiers attacked Ross position, ended when he was shot trying to break yet he managed to repel succes- up a robbery in , has died.

He was Palermo, who lived in the Kansas rifle from a wounded soldier City area, had been in poor health. The the season and joined the American rifle was struck by a German bul- newsday. League staff the next year. He worked let, rendering the gun useless. He consis- Ross told the website Military- tently drew praise from players, man- valoan.

In July , Palermo was having a Even when his machine gun late-night meal with friends in Dallas temporarily ran out of ammuni- when two waitresses who had just left tion, Ross refused to abandon were mugged. Palermo and two friends his post. Germans to withdraw, accord- Palermo eventually was able to walk, ing to his citation for the Medal with the help of cane, and continued his of Honor, the militarys highest recovery.

Louis Cardinals award for valor. Ross emerged from the battle unscathed. In Memoriam or visit us at newsday. Happy Birthday!! Beloved uncle of Kerri-An, Erin Lynn and dren. Also survived by his lov- ing family and his many friends. Walker Funeral Home Cemetery Plots notices or nd support services. He is remembered 10AM. Interment Greenfield Ceme- as being deeply devoted to his fami- tery.

In lieu of flowers, please do- ly and a proponent of education nate to Kessler Foundation for Traumatic Brain Injuries. Row and self-improvement. Be- West Village apartment, where loved husband of Marie Siegel. Cooke, Linda Geraghty, and Elyse Serra. Devoted grandfather of willl pay transfer fee. Great ST. You were our rock. Rest and Lillian. Brother of Florence, easy now. Mourners are welcomed Mildred, Rosalind, and Jerome. May 13, at the age of FH, 49 Hillside Ave. Religious Service at 10am St.

Interment Private. Devoted wife of the late Morris. Loving brother to the late obituary, send owers Tiffany, Chloe, Leah and Isabel. Cherished uncle to Craig, Douglas, Frances will be forever missed by Lee, Kristen, Kelly, Natalie, Sofia, or create a special all those whose lives she touched Kerianne, Kimberly, Mollie, for her generous and caring spirt. Montana, and Montgomery. For- online memorial. Member of Elks Club NY in his 95th year. Beloved hus Lodge Friends and Family band of the late Mary. Cherished Lakeville Road. Funeral Serv- grandfather of Patrick and Mary.

In lieu of flow- Korea. Reposing at the Foundation. James on Tuesday from 2 4 and 7 9 PM. Funeral Mass at Holy Cross R. Church, Nesconset on Wednesday 10 AM. Visitation Lindenhurst resident for over 70 A. Connell Funeral Home New years. Inter- ment St. Patricks Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to Daughters of Wisdom, deceased. She was loved by newsday. There will be a graveside 17 www. In lieu of flowers, don- Jefferson, NY. Rivera 3b-lf Toronto 17 Correa ss Gurriel 1b Cleveland 19 Detroit 18 Chicago 17 Rivera c Kansas City 16 Castro 2b Judge rf Washington 24 Mets 16 RBIs: Bandy ph Louis 21 SF: Correa.

HR: Castro 7 , off Fiers; Judge kees 5 for Arcia ss Santana rf SF: Colorado 24 LOB: Mets 6, Milwaukee 7. RMU: Breg- Giles Rivera man, Correa, Ellsbury, Holliday. HR: Conforto 9 , off Per- 2. Headley, Castro, Carter. RBIs: T.

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Rivera Layne CS: 1 Feliz Rivera 1. Atlanta 1 Harris, L, PB-Sanchez 3. T: A: 47, Houston 6 St. Louis Chicago Cubs 0 Colorado Dodgers 6 Sipp Houston Yankees 7 Nationals 6, Phillies 5 son. Seattle 2 San Francisco Arizona 4 Perez, Arcia, Aguilar. Cleveland Minnesota 3 Severino Tampa Bay Boston 2 Washington Philadelphia 5 Green Kansas City Baltimore 8 Saturday Warren, W, Oakland 4 Milwaukee Mets 4 Altherr lf Ana- Holder Angels Detroit 1 San Francisco Cincinnati 1 Saunders rf Power plays: Nashville 0 St. Goalies: Nashville, Boston Tampa Bay 3 Washington Philadelphia 4 HBP: Severino Springer.

WP: Fiers. T: Stassi 1b A: 41, Joseph ph-1b Anaheim, Gib- Toronto Seattle 2 Atlanta Miami 1 Galvis ss Cleveland 1 L. Dodgers A: 17, Baltimore 3 Blue Jays 3, Mariners 2 Knapp c Arizona 3 Velasquez p Angels 3 Garcia p San Diego 3 Gamel rf Mets 9 Chicago White Sox San Diego 4 Seager 3b Edgin Valencia 1b Turner ss HBP: Edgin Thames. A: 30, Harper rf Murphy 2b HBP: p. Mets: Wheeler R 4.

WP: Ross Jr. A: 3rd period: 2, Pittsburgh, Malkin 6 Kunitz, Rendon 3b Hainsey , Milwaukee: Anderson R 2. Barney 3b Los Angeles: McCarthy R 3. Turner p Tampa Bay: Archer R 3. Chicago: Pelfrey R 5. Los Angeles: Chavez R 4. GB lor 2 , off Neshek. Oakland: Graveman R 3. Turner 18 , Stone, OTT, interference , Maile c SB: Bridgeport SF: T. Atlanta: Colon R 7. Turner, Murphy, Rendon 2. Pitts- newsday. Toronto: Bolsinger R 3. RMU: Blanco 2, Scherzer. Ducks New Britain 1 burgh Power plays: Ottawa 0 p. Houston: Musgrove R 5.

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Visual Artist. Hot Girl Summer Is Over. Fat Bear Fall Is Here. The AstroTwins Dubbed "astrologists for the stars," identical twin sisters Tali and Ophira Edut—known as The AstroTwins—are professional astrologers whose sisterly style and spot-on predictions have made them popular gurus for astrological devotees of all stripes.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Daily Horoscopes Aquarius Daily Horoscope. But you chose acting instead. Any regrets about not staying the course in academics? I do have alternate life fantasies. The first book, for children, stars Elsie Bovary, a cow and a pretty happy one, according to its summary on Amazon. It turned me around. It talks about the pain and suffering that animals endure and about the environment. There are better, more healthful and more moral ways of consuming food.

I start with fruit and coffee. When I meet the kids, they eat what they eat. I let them make up their own minds. How do you stay your mental emotional course? Any tips to achieving balance in your high-pressure world? I read a lot, and read the paper every day. And I do some yoga. Empty comment. You seem to be logged out. Refresh your page, login and try again. Sorry, comments are currently closed. You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down. Leave A Comment Uh-oh! Use your Parade.