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You might see this person change because of your approach. Tonight: With a favorite person.

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If you feel a little off, like you need some extra personal time, take it. If you must work, you might want to make today a half day. Everyone gets tired, and you push yourself hard, often too hard. If you slow down more often, your productivity will increase. Tonight: As you want. A partner feels more connected to you than you realize. Sometimes, this person's coldness and comments come from vulnerability. At first, you might have a hard time reading through this hostility. You also might consider different ways of approaching the issue. Tonight: Be more upbeat. Whether or not you want to deal with a problem, tension builds.

You might be wise to clear out any excess stress through a way that is effective just for you. Either way, you could find yourself in a difficult conversation. Tonight: If you want to, head home early. Keep reaching out for someone at a distance. To encourage the other party to be more responsive, you might want to back off a little. If you really want greater give-and-take in a relationship, you'll open up conversations with that quality.

Tonight: Hang at a favorite haunt.


You might need to play a situation differently. You see a personal matter in an unusual light. Examine what's happening around you. A different or uncommon approach, as suggested by a partner or close friend, might be right. Tonight: Go for it. You could be tired of dealing with a highly volatile associate and a touchy roommate or family member. Let go of a problem before it becomes even larger. You could defer to others, knowing full well when you have had enough and want to pull away.

The urge to free yourself and follow your whims seems rewarding late in the day. Tonight: Doing your thing. You were challenged to an abnormal level last month. You still stood up to the challenge. You will now, in the next few days, understand more of the dynamics that have been at play.

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Tonight: Rather than reacting, observe what is happening around you. Your whimsical personality emerges as the day gets older. A close loved one or friend could challenge you to the utmost as he or she seems to have gotten used to your more subtle personality. Tonight: Do not be upset at some tension. This, too, will pass.

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Your sensitivity levels are very high, and you do not even question them. Your creativity seems to have peaked or to be peaking. Go off and start manifesting some aspect of a dream you have not shared or manifested just yet. Tonight: Do not sit on your duff; go for it. You do not have permission to post comments. Please contact customersupport torstar.

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  6. Submit Your Content. This Week: You plunge into work Monday. Others prove too distracting by Wednesday and Thursday. Your thoughts revolve around your home, investments and the possibility for change. You see a situation differently than in the recent past. Be more open and fun-loving in how you approach a personal matter.

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    Tonight: The later it becomes, the more fun you have. This Week: Creativity soars with naughtiness Monday and Tuesday. Work demands attention Wednesday and Thursday. You might be jammed between several choices and not sure which way to turn. A conversation with a relative or dear friend might suggest which way to go. Ultimately, trust yourself and your intuition.

    Tonight: Dinner at a favorite spot. This Week: Jump when it comes to domestic issues and property. Wednesday you experience some calmness. Be aware of the costs of proceeding as you have. Fatigue marks your thoughts, and you might prefer not to make a decision at this moment. Try not to let this reluctance flow into your day. Tonight: It's OK to indulge a little.

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    Others value your attention and time. No matter which way you turn, you find someone seeking you out. Be gracious. Enjoy visiting, yet make time for a child or loved one. Sometimes, you can be overly serious. Tonight: Where the action is. This Week: Expenses seem to fall off the rail, but by Wednesday you gain more control.

    You might want to hunker down and get into a project, a book or even the Sunday newspaper. You are a gregarious sign, but also one that loves your downtime. News from a distance puts a smile on your face. Tonight: Let the good times roll. You might want to greet a friend and let this person know how much you value him or her.