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My DOB is Place of birth is Russia. What stones suitable for me to wear? Have a ring with emerald. Confused to wear or not. Please advise. Hi lrina Roy Barman, please share your birth city or nearest city to calculate your birth chart and recommend lucky stone. You have given the country name only. Hi Nahaarjunan.

P, the Emerald and Diamond are highly beneficial to you as per Capricorn ascendant and the planetary position you have explained. You can go for it without any second thought. Hi Sebasjiun, the Emerald and Blue Sapphire are beneficial to you as you are born with Taurus ascendant. You can wear both or one of them depending upon your budget. If you give date of birth, time of birth and place of birth, I can advise you more perfectly. Hello Manoranjan, How are you, I hope the full moon has been good to you. I was wondering if you had a chance to look at my chart..?

Thank you! I checked it with different licensed version software. I usually use Leostar, Parashar Light that is the most authenticated. I wrongly said you that you are born with Taurus ascendant. However, as you said you have confusion, I started researching. And I concluded that you belong to Aries ascendant. So, your lucky gemstone is Yellow Sapphire as the planet Jupiter is the lord of 9th fate and fortune and in debilitation.

It will bring more effective result if it is worn along with Red Coral the gemstone for ascendant lord Mars. Hi Sebasjiun, you belong to Aries Ascendant. I calculated with multiple and scientific resources. Also I did calculate manually that Indicates you are born with Aries. The Taurus is wrong one and maybe that software that tells Taurus must have some deficiency of astrological arithmetic. Thank you so much for everything Manoranjan, the confirmation means so much to me! I love reading all of your post! Best, Sebasjiun. Hi Manoranjan, How are you!

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Hi Sebasjiun, although there are different method to prescribe gemstone, the gemstone recommendation based on ascendant is by far the best. Hi Aku, use Neelam or its substitute Amethyst with silver in the middle finger. The weight of the gems should be at least 4 carats. The use of 7 faced Rudraksha can also be helpful to get rid of depression.

Hello sir, My date of birth is 15th December Time is Can you please tell me which gemstones will be best for me and their metal. Thank you. Hi Raj, you should go for Diamond 1 carat with either white gold or silver. You can also use white sapphire the substitute for Diamond. The weight should be at least carats. Thank you so much sir in which finger should i wear the diamond. Do you recommend blue sapphire,emerald,yellow sapphire,Red coral or any other stone along with diamond.

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Thanks once again. Hi Raj, extremely sorry for the late reply. You can wear Blue Sapphire with silver in the middle finger on Saturday and Emerald with gold in little finger on Wednesday. Both the stone should be at least 5 carats in weight. Hi Raj, the Diamond should be worn in the middle finger.

Some also say to wear in ring finger. The metal to used is silver or white gold.

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I heard that emerald is not worn if mercury is house of 6th lord. But in capricorn ascendant, Mercury is lord of 6th and 9th house. Can Emerald be worn for capricorn ascendant? Yes Jatin, you can wear Emerald without hesitation a the planet Mercury rules over the 9th house.

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Hello Sir. My concern is my fluctuated career n income flow…which gem do you suggest fr my. The lord of ascendant is Mercury that is posited in the 6th house in an inimical house. That is why you have been experiencing ups and downs in your career. You should wear Emerald in little finger. The weight of the Emerald should be at least 5 carats. Hello sir My name is dhruv And Rashi is karka Lagna is taurus Nakshatra -pushya So tell me emarld is suitable for me In ring finger and I have budhaditya yoga as sun and Mercury and jupiter in 5th house. Hi Dhruv, the Emerald is a suitable stone.

You can go for it since you are born with Taurus ascendant. I got a big break in my studies after 12th not due to money but due to my laziness and delay decision making. I am always confused and cant concerntrate on simple project 3. I lost my nani and mama in hardly months. Hi Dhruv, Up to Aries is going on.

After it is Taurus. Now you have tell the correct time. As for your career, profession and family black magic you need to go for our paid services. Hi Bhawna, you can wear Emerald for your career success. It should be at least 5 carats with gold as a pendant or in little finger. Pls let me know if i can wear gomed and emerald both as per my kundali. And my rahu dasha is going to start. Hi Manish, you are born with Kumbh Lagna and you can go for both Gomed and Emerald as both are poisted in the 6th house. Gomed will be beneficial during the Mahadasha of Rahu. Time Place hansi Haryana Can I wear emerald for my career??

Hi Bhawna, you are born with Tula Lagna and Mercury is the 9th lord that rule over your fate and fortune. The planet Mercury is posited in the 10th house. Hence, wearing Emerald can be beneficial to the career. Hi Bhawna, the Emerald should be of at least 5 carats and you should wear it on Wednesday morning of bright fortnight.

Can u suggest me if I can wear emerald gemstone as per my chart? Currently, i am wearing blue sapphire and diamond. Hi Prasenjeet, you have been using correct gemstone that is Blue Sapphire and Diamond. You can also use Emerald as the combinations of Blue Sapphire, Diamond and Emerald can bring plethora of achievement in life. Luckily, I am also born on 20th June. Is it right? Hi Prasenjeet Diamond with gold is OK. Blue Sapphire should be worn with silver. The Emerald you can use wit gold.

I am Libra lagna currenlty I have saturn dasha going on but soon will have mercury mahadasha and antardasha form 3rd March Please suggest me whether i should wear emerald and if yes the carat i should wear. Saturn dasha has given me hard time so if you could help me suggest some remedy during this mahadasha. It brings the much needed emotional stability and cures a number of mental ailments as well. It also cures fluid imbalance and urinary tract ailments, astrologers believe.

It brings harmonious associations and brings new friends. Rahu is believed to be a snake-headed Asura that causes eclipses along with Ketu. It is said to shield the wearer from adversities and addictions such as drug and alcohol abuse, and gambling. It is said to bring relief from skin Diseases, psoriasis, and different forms of psychoses.

Ketu is believed to be a snake-bodied Asura that causes eclipses along with Rahu. It exudes shades of white grey and green.

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It makes one deeply interested in spiritual matters, the occult sciences, and enlightenment or Moksha. It reduces the effects of negative doshas such as Kalasarpa Dosha. An Indian. Born a princess, now a storyteller. A conversationalist. An empath. A woman with strong opinions.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It is important to choose the right gemstone to get maximum benefits that would help in all the affairs. Every gemstone represents a specific planet. Methods of wearing each gemstone differ from one another.

Emerald gemstone increases brain power, intelligence, memory, communication skills, and speech. Because of the hot gem, it is advisable for those who are suffering from stammering, asthma, ulcer, diarrhea, gastric troubles etc. Emerald should touch the skin of your finger. It should be worn on Wednesday.