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Some Numerologists may draw conclusions about when a Personal Year begins without taking the Essences and Transits into consideration. That is my opinion. I have made a list of Numerologists who teach that the Personal year begins on January 1st. This is a partial list, mind you, but it demonstrates multiple examples of Numerologists who would validate a Jan.

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I also think the additional notations by Matthew Goodwin and Hans Decoz are important to take into consideration and lend insight into the confusion. In Juno Jordan , considered to be one of the most influential and respected Numerologists in the 20th Century published Your Right Action Number which was based upon 25 years of research through the great minds that formed the California Institute of Numerical Research.

This book presented the concept of the Personal Year as well as the meanings of the Personal Year. It may be felt to some degree from October through December of the previous year.

Its fading influence can be felt through January and February of the following year. Actions predicted on the approach by the Personal Year are more powerful between March and September because the influence is operating in a pure form, without the overlay of previous or incoming approaches. If an action or event of importance can be scheduled, schedule it for maximum impact in those middle 7 months. Pay careful attention to your clients who are born late in the year because they would be the ones who would be most affected.

I was born in October myself and I always take an objective look at my experiences in any given year in order to draw a conclusion about when the Personal Year begins.

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